Last night I slept in a bed full of sawdust.
   After two days of painting when I got home from work at midnight last night I was way to tired to do anything about the situation going on in my bed.
   Like change the sheets.

    Yesterday I painted my dresser a burnt red. To do this, I dumped the contents of all the drawers on my bed, which was unmade at the time.
   Apparently the drawers were full of sawdust and I did not notice when I poured all the contents all over my unmade bed. Awesome surprise when I came home from work at midnight and crawled into bed. 
    I tried to continue painting this morning and actually finished most of the upstairs, well besides some touch up work.  
   After three days of painting almost none stop I’m ninety five percent done. Ninety five percent because i ran out of paint for the downstairs walls and need to get back to Lowe’s and buy more for the down stairs edging by the front windows.

The family over for Father’s Day

     The house looks so much better. You really don’t realize how dirty your walls are until you want to paint! I think this is the cleanest this house has ever been!
I don’t know why I still have ants every where!
The kitchen cabinets turned out great!
I even painted my outside little table.
Here’s my guard cat
Some times he’s awake.

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