“One latte, Bubba, please”

     Why are tattoo places so gross? What if I just want to get my tattoo fixed in a tranquil spa setting? Wouldn’t it be nice if Bubba could fix my ink, and at the same time Iris could paint my nails and pick the dirt out of between my toes? (this is why I’m really not welcome in dayspas in the first place… I like to walk bare foot in my garden.)  If you didn’t grow up in Running Springs then I guess you never walked past Bubba’s Tattoos in town, its a very  mountain-isk establishment. 
      Why has no one invented the tattoo parlor/ spa getaway? Some people don’t want to get a tattoo in a cigarette smoke filled alleyway of a building, rednecks leering, and meth addicts lounging in the hallways. I know girls, nice christian girls, who have bible verse tattoos, and I’m sure like me they don’t enjoy feeling like they are hanging out in a crack house while getting there tattoos done. All I’m saying is I would appreciate some Enya-isk music, maybe while a latte is served to me, and incense would be also a nice touch.

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