One Hell of a Fight

     Finally, Trail Crest, all 13,000 feet of it.
     I may not have made it to the top of the mountain today!
     But I put up one hell of a fight!
     Last year I did this hike in something like 14 hours and I had grand plans to do it a lot faster in 2014 but I lost weeks worth of training sustaining an injury to my left foot weeks before.
     So my training this year?
    Was beyond weak.
    From the minute we started up the Mt Whitney Trail at four a.m. my left foot was hurting.
    I still managed to hike 18 miles; what I would call pretty impressive with a gimpy foot!
    Relaxing overlooking Trail Crest was so worth all the miles and all the pain!

      I still don’t know where the two boys are that I was hiking with earlier today.
     The other hikers who summited this afternoon seem to think they will be about four hours behind me!
      I waited for a hour at Lone Pine Lake, soaking my aching feet in the freezing cold waters. That seemed to help a lot.

     In the last two days I have hiked over 24 miles with close to 7,000 feet altitude gain! That’s like walking from San Bernardino to Big Bear, practically!
     No wonder my feet are aching so bad!
     I deserve a beer.
     I deserve a super expensive oak aged sour beer from Mammoth Brewery; my favorite elderberry sour.


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