One could say I’m not the most patient person

     What possible reason could one have for putting on ones hazards, slamming on ones brakes and coming to a dead stop in the middle of a state highway?
   Squirrel confused ( As squirrels usually are) in the middle of the highway?
   Baby ducklings crossing the state highway, in a nice neat line one after another (I’ve seen this in my mountain town; true story)
   Ahh no.
    “The sun! The sun is so bright! The sun is setting and I’m to retarded to drive this winding mountain roads! The altitude! It hurts my brain hole!”
   These are words, I’m just assuming, the idiot driving in front of me this evening shouted as he slammed on his breaks against the glare of the sun, than put on his hazards… and sat there and sat there…
   Finally causing me to yell out the window
    “Are you waiting for the fucking sun to set!? Because it’s going to be another thirty minutes!”
   It was nice of me to stop honking long enough to shout that. I think so anyways.
   Listen, I just ran fourteen miles, there are hot cheesy garlicky bread knot goodness waiting for me at my buddies restaurant in town ( a quarter mile up the road) and I need carbs NOW!
   One could say that I am not the most patient person.
  One could say that; if I could only hear it over my honking.


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