On the Breeze

   If I could spend every day off like yesterday, that would just be fantastic.
   It was a chilly foggy May afternoon and we were at Big Bear Lake and ready to fish.
   It was windy.
   Why do I always forget what a pain in the ass fishing in the wind is?
   I actually only cast out about three times; even the lovely craft beer I was enjoying could not warm me up, and I was cursing Mother Nature just a little bit. It had been eighty degrees at the creek just days ago, the water was warm and the little mountain trout were plentiful.
    Did I have my fishing pole that day?
    No, of course not.
    We did not actually catch any fish yesterday, maybe because I was to cold to move and try casting some more, but half an hour before we packed up the fishing gear for the day we saw some thing fantastic.
    A lone bald eagle was soaring on the breeze above us.
   At least some one was enjoying the wind yesterday.
   I feel so blessed every day that I get to enjoy relaxing days like this, fishing (Not catching) and watching bald eagles float above on a mountain breeze.
   Life is good.

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