NYE; Another Airport Slumber Party

     As soon as I got off the plan in Sydney I started counting the cafés, espresso stands and coffee places. 
     There were five different coffee choices just in the international terminal! And not one of them was a Starbucks! If Australia loves it’s coffee this much we are going to get along just fine.

     Last night was my second night in a row sleeping in an airport and, not to brag, but I’m kind of a champ at it now. ( after two nights)
     Before de boarding the plane I snagged blankets and extra pillows ( as well as my Cascade compression pillow from REI of course) and I was ready to make do with not having a bed for the second night in a row and sleeping on the hard floor.
     It actually wasn’t that bad. I grabbed a extra pillow from the flight to shove under my bony hip and my biggest problem was I was cold all night long ( just like the previous night) in the middle of the night I threw on all my clothes ( like a homeless person) just to stay warm. I slept for about half of the flight to Sydney yesterday and got in about 8 pm local time. I honestly thought sleeping on the plane would have messed my sleep up and I wouldn’t be able to sleep that night was my worry. I was wrong and I made myself my tiny ghetto fabulous airline blanket bed, wedged in a corner behind a chip machine and I actually fell asleep! 
     A security guard woke me up at midnight, wanting to see my flight info and passport ( and make sure I’m not actually homeless, which I might actually look like at this point, three dirty sweaters on, unwashed hair and glasses)
     I’m kind of bummed I didn’t stay up until midnight to try and see Sydney’s fireworks by the opera house but it’s overcast out here and I have no idea if I would even be able to see anything. If I had to guess I would say I’m at least twenty miles from where I think all that is located.
     Considering I woke up on the floor of an airport this morning, my New Years Eve was not to bad!
      I pointed out to my boyfriend that in the US New Years Eve is about 4 pm today so we are going to celebrate New Years together than! ( and hopefully we will be at the beach with cocktails by than!)