My day off

My back yard sanctuary

     There is the distant sound of traffic. Stellar Jay’s squawk their mating call as they build a nest in the tree tops.  I spent the morning hiking near Cougar Crest Trail near Big Bear, then returned to my cabin to make some lemon salad dressing that did not taste anything near what they had at Souplantion last week. Sometimes, yes, even my cooking fails me. I’ve spent the afternoon reading TC Boyle’s new book and watching the Stellar’s Jay’s build their springtime’s nest in my backyard. I also tried to revive my garden after yet more frost. Damn tomatoes! Guess I’m buying batch number three. God, Lowe’s most love me. My last day off for quite a few days, spent relaxing in mountain solitude. In five days I will have a grip of free time from work, and I will be on the road to Las Vegas! I can’t wait to just chill by the pool and enjoy every fancy buffet Las Vegas has to offer! Four days of work to get through and Las Vegas hear I come!

     Side note, I still do really have a need to get some chickens, but I realized vacations are harder to take when you have pets that live outside and our constant prey to wild animals…  soooooooooooooo… I haven’t given up on chicken’s but they are on the back burner for now until I feel like traveling less. Yeah right.

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