My date with Bambi, almost

   A big ass doe just almost side swiped me.
   I was not in my brand new SUV almost wetting myself at the thought of hitting ANOTHER deer in ANOTHER brand new Subaru. (Please see February 2005 of my life, when I killed Bambi)
  I was in the forest, running up Cougar Poop Trail, minding my own business when a big ass doe jumped out of the brush at my side and narrowly missed smacking into my shoulder.
   Two days ago my bad hip started hurting. Than it got better. Than last night my left knee was hurting bad for about two hours. Than that improved. I really don’t need to be crushed by a giant deer. Not today.
  I’ve got a sick cat at home who is waiting for me to come home and force him to drink water through a straw.
   I’ve got all the food to prepare for the Thanksgiving meal sitting at home.
   Plus, after I knock out six miles or so I’ve got to go to work for eight hours.
   I really don’t have time for a high impact collision with Bambi this morning.

   It was a a gorgeous sight to see him hopping up the trail ahead of me.
   I’m glad I survived the rest of my run in one piece.

NaBloPoMo November 2012

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