Mountain Sunrise

    Getting in a sunrise run is a perfect way to start a fall morning. If I could pull myself out of my nice warm bed. This morning I kind of failed.
   I did get up when my alarm went off at six A.M. However I did not get in a day break run, boo.
   I was planning on trying to do three miles this morning.
   Alicia, Johnny and I are  planning to do my first 10 K in February and I really need to be out there training every morning. Today I work early, at ten, and I have no time, what so ever.
   So what did I do after I took my prerun Creatin this morning? I sat down and worked on my blog for twenty minutes.
   I wasted half my running time on this very short morning writing a blog about how slaughtering horses for meat will once again be legal in the U.S. (Thanks Obama!) I entitled it, Obama hates Zenyatta, a catchy little title if you ask me.
    Okay after that, I did get in a very short mile run through the awakening little town of Arrowbear Lake. 
    Arrowbear is a very small hamlet of only a little over 500 people. Its a few miles east of the town I grew up in, Running Springs. Arrowbear is like Running Spring’s ghetto little cousin. Its practically still Running Springs. Arrowbear Lake was converted from a saw mill at Brookings Saw Mill in 1924. A small five acre lake was built where the saw mill used to stand and tiny cabins soon popped up near the lake and on both sides of the highway. About half of the houses in my neighborhood are still these tiny 1920’s cabins. Its so cool to be running through the forested roads and run past all these old houses, some still kept up in fairly good shape. In a country where we really don’t have any thing really old,  its nice to see a little bit of history still preserved.  Now, if only my neighborhood didn’t smell like meth. Yeah, parts of Arrowbear are a little bit ghetto. A typical morning run through my ‘hood usually involves me getting chased by a growling pit bull while the owner lazily looks on muttering
   “He wont bite, he done be friendly!”
     I’ve lived in this house here on the edge of the forest for almost seven years and I plan, in the coming months to explore the back roads and dirt roads of this neighborhood a lot more. My neighborhood should be perfect for snow shoeing this winter.
   The first Saturday in February we are planning to do the Snow Shoe the Bear snow shoe race in Big Bear Lake. They have a 5 K, and a 10 K and I think we’re planning on the 10 K at this point.   I think I can easily do the 10 K. I have been running four to six miles a day. There have been times I have done twelve to fifteen mile hikes, so I don’t think it will be to difficult for me. I’m asking my mom to put Hammer and Cliff Energy Gu in my stocking this year, instead of the usual Hershey’s bars she likes to buy me.
       The other morning we did over four miles at six A.M. starting at Alicia and Johnny’s place in town and running all through the back roads of Running Springs that burnt in the 2007 fire, then all the way up Wilderness, a very long and winding street that goes all the way back to the neighborhood I grew up in. It was a long run, and starting so early, I had no time to grab breakfast. As we jogged back down Wilderness, through what felt like a wind tunnel, with the winds howling up from the burnt creek bed below, I was so starving. All I could think about was bacon. I had considered grabbing some cereal to bring with us for the road, but all I had was bran cereal. That is probably not the best idea when your running through the forest at six A.M.  Poopies in the forest is really no fun at all.