Mother F%^$&* Snakes in these Mother F^&%$$^^ Mountains

   I just saw springs first lizard.
   Okay, I realize that the first robin of spring actually means spring is just around the corner, but when you are an out door enthusiast its actually the first lizard.
   That’s because once the lizards return the baby rattle snakes can not be far behind.
   I for one have horrible situation awareness and am not looking forward to having to pay attention constantly and scan the trails constantly looking for mother fucking snakes in these mother fucking hills.
   Although besides the snakes I am ready for spring time.
   I’m tired of the sun setting at five P.M.
   Although I do love winter and the snow, I’m tired of not being able to run because my street is to icy.
    I’m tired of all my favorite trails being to snowy, and getting snow rash on my ankles when I run them anyways.
    I’m ready for long days spent in the sunshine, fishing at one of our alpine lakes, relaxing by my favorite creek, bbq’s in the evening and sipping a beer on my front porch under a million stars.
    I’m ready to do one of the many camping and back packing trips I have lined up for the spring and summer ahead of me. Hiking/ running twenty miles of the Pacific Crest Trail in one day will probably be the first camping trip. We are planning to run twenty miles of the trail between Big Bear and Running Springs. We will camp at Crab Flat’s Campground that evening (Friends have volunteered to set up the campground and drive up supplies) and than do a hike to Crab Creek the next day to swim.
   That will probably be late May, followed by, I’m thinking Colorado and a trail half marathon early June. My next race coming up is the Santa Anita 5K the first weekend in April. There are so many more 10 K’s and Mud Run’s I would love to do, but we are thinking about doing Macho Picho and the Inca Trail next year, and I need to start saving for that. And my friends need to start training at this altitude!
     Escrow closed on my house so besides all that I need to get off my butt and start the two page list of home repairs. Next week I am going to start removing all the wall paper and caulking up the holes in the walls. I’m hoping in early May it will be warm enough to paint.
   I can not wait for Spring to really be here, those lizards are such a tease!

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