I’m worried about Zion.
   He’s calm.
   He’s never been calm. Ever.
    Maybe he’s just had enough of the heat and he gave up?
   Maybe he has kitty laryngitis because he never stops meowing.. Ever?
   I personally think he hates me because I shaved him in May and his fur grew back, it’s now July and it was ninety three degrees in this mountain town (With humidity, thanks thunderstorms)
    He’s been sitting next to me calmly for about an hour, looking dopey like he’s on drugs. This is completely not normal. I know he didn’t sleep with me last night (Who has that cat been sleeping with!?) So maybe he’s exhausted? Do cats get exhausted? They sleep all day, how can they?
   I really do think something may be wrong with him.
   What happened to Zion who blatantly jumps on the counters none stop and howls. Zion who chews everything plastic in sight? I left a shopping bag out last night and it wasn’t even touched this morning.
   This is annoying if he is sick. My tooth is killing me, thanks to my addiction to extremely chewy dried fruit, but I don’t have time to go to the dentist until next Monday or Tuesday which means if my meow is sick, he has to wait until early next week to go to the V-E-T.
   Hopefully he recovers soon and goes back to chasing milk rings and trying to steal my goat cheese. Mean while I really need to find a working pet shaver. I was actually thinking of giving the cats bathes today, just to cool them down a bit (And because I love angry felines?)

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