I think I need to find a new vet. One who doesn’t yell at me
    “Hey stupid! Don’t put Neosporin on your cats ear! It be for people!”
    Okay maybe that is not exactly what happened, but its a close description. I actually got mocked by a vet’s assistant, not the actual vet. I still feel a little annoyed, and with my wallet two hundred dollars lighter, my annoyance level is rising by the instant.
   My cat Sierra has allergies.
   Yes, I realize he is kind of a nerd.
   Good thing he is a indoor cat because his sensitive skin he would never survive in nature.
   Sierra has to go to the vet about once a year, usually in the winter, when he has an out break. I took him to the vet last month, he had a steroid shot, I shelled out sixty bucks and that should have been the end of it, right?
     Except his rash came right back. My friend J said put Neosporin on it. His cat has a similar rash and it does the trick. So I did that, and the rash was improving. I had a vet appointment on Tuesday so the vet could look at Sierra’s ear and also to get both cats their annual shots as Tuesday is Mountain Cheap Shot Clinic Day.
     I was thinking about cancelling the vet appointment, as Sierra’s ear was improving with over the counter medication, why have the vet charge me fifty bucks for a visit, right? Yet, I procrastinated, never cancelled the visit and when I got to the vet’s office, asked the tech if Sierra really should see the vet. She then yelled at me for putting Neosporin on Sierra’s ear, practically calling me stupid, telling me you can’t put Neosporin on animals, they will lick it and get sick.
     And also, yes, the vet should look at him.
    So after making Sierra hella angry by sticking something up his butt
   (Okay, it was a thermometer)
     The vet tells me to keep putting Neosporin on his ear twice a day!
     Fifty dollars later, the vet tech says to me
    “Good thing you kept your appointment and had the vet look at him, huh?”
    I really wanted to tell her, the vet said to keep up the good work with the Neosporin, but I just didn’t feel like getting into it.
     So I just handed over my credit card instead.
     Then she told me I needed to make a follow up appointment for the next week?
   WTF? Really? Why? You people did nothing for my cat? You just looked at him, charged my Am Ex, and now you want me to come back next week to say he is fine?
     Do you know what a howling cat, who hates car rides, sounds like driving for twenty five minutes across the winding mountain highways? Sierra is staying home next week unless that ear gets worse, and I’m thinking about finding a new vet.

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