I guess I can’t REALLY call it spring cleaning if I don’t clean everything in my house, and that includes my two large, furry , and now very angry mountain cats. So, on this warm May morning I will celebrate spring by giving them both a bath. Of the three of us, no one seems to enjoy this much. I have company coming over all weekend, and it would be nice if my cats did not look like oily, stinky mountain beasts. I really can’t wait until it gets just a little bit warmer and I can shave off their winter coats and my house will then only be covered in a light coat of calico cat fur. Unfortunately its still getting into the forty’s at night so that will have to wait a few more weeks, unless I want two weeks of cold cat love, because when these cats are cold they need to be thisclosetomeallthetime! Have you ever tried to bath a angry twenty pound cat? Its just not as fun as it sounds.