Me duele la cabeza

     How hilarious is it, in the year 2012 to walk into a doctors office and pull out your full size lap top while you wait?
     It is pretty damn hilarious and I was getting ALL kinds of looks, but I know I would be waiting for two hours for my appointment and that gave me two hours to work on editing my book and not get distracted by things like the Internet or how cute my cats are (Or squirrels destroying my garden)
      My cell phone was stolen a few days ago, BTW, and that is why I was sitting there in my yoga pants, writing on my ancient lap top, instead of using my smart phone like ninety nine percent of the rest of society.
  So when I went to the doctor yesterday it was busy.
  Every seat was taken.
   People were standing around the perimeter of the office.
  I was about ready to sit on the floor when I noticed there was one seat next to a very pregnant lady and her small child.
   So I sat in the seat.
  I than pulled out my lap top and started typing.
   Five minutes later I realized I was sitting next to the screaming ADD child from hell.
   Everything was going fine. I was correcting errors on the book and trying to be lost in my own world. Well everything was fine except for the ADD child (Let’s just call him Andy, how do you say Andy in Espanol?) racing back and forth across the waiting room while his poor exhausted mother just watched, when he ran into my lap top with his arm. Then he started WAILING, I mean loud.
   The mother, I’m assuming, did not speak any English. She was talking with the guy next to her in Spanish while angrily pointing at my lap top and rubbing her child’s arm.
    This angry pointing and glaring went on for about twenty minutes until I was called back to the exam room.
  Keep in mind Andy (In Espanol)  had already stepped on my foot twice and tried to get into my purse.
   So apparently from all the pointing and angry rolled R’s in my direction this was my fault?