Mammoth or Bust

   It’s a beautiful day to drive to Mammoth.

  Southern California reminds me more of Connecticut today as we drive through the blink and you will miss them towns of Lone Pine, Big Pine and Independence, California.

    The leafless trees are so spooky looking against the harse blue sky.
    They remind me of the forest in the movie Blair Witch Project.
    Mammoth day one, the first thing I did was buy a ridiculous hat of course, well actually a hat band but whatever. It’s still ridiculous, it is tradition at this point.
   Than every one in mammoth pointed and laughed at us when we rolled into town, as my friend was wearing sandals, and I was wearing shorts. I mean, it was only forty degrees at sun down when we finally reached Mammoth Lakes, not that cold yet.
    You know what’s really cool about living in a small town of 6,000 people and vacationing at another small town at 8,000 feet? When the front desk clerk at the hotel checks you in and you realize he is good friends with friends of yours from elementary school. What a small world, right?