Lofty Coffee; Organic Delicious Coffee Treats in Encinitas

I felt like a beached whale every time I tried to sit down or get up from my position in the sand on Moonlight Beach.
On that hazy beach morning my sciatic nerve was still aching hard core as I watched crazy people wading into the 63 degree water, no wet suits. This is California, I think, my toes sinking into the sand just above where the tide rose about an hour ago. In California, this is what we do; we spend sunny mornings with our toes in the sand and enjoy the spring sunshine. We are so lucky.
I feel so lucky being here; my home is almost seventy miles away in the local mountains where you see more snow boards than surfboards. Days I get to the beach are few and far between. The mountains are just so amazing in every season that it’s hard to tear myself away from my home, the pine trees, the Stellars Jays, the wild hares and the corn flowers and lupines in bloom on the hillsides.
An hour earlier I was still sitting in my car above the sand bluffs of Moonlight Beach. I was watching the early morning surfers and considering walking over to the local organic coffee place I had yelped.
I had been at the beach since seven a.m. Just relaxing in my car and reading my latest book I’m addicted to.
At last I decided it was coffee time and discovered the wonders of Lofty Coffee. Everything on their menu was organic. They used Straus organic milk in all their lattes and their organic pastries were all baked in house. Suffice to say my cardamom infused Turkish latte was beyond amazing!
I had to get in my car after this and start the two hour drive north back to my mountain home but that amazing latte just topped off my perfect beach morning!
If you ever find yourself in Ensinitas please check out the wonders of Lofty Coffee.
Lofty Coffee
90 N Coast Highway 101 Ste 214, Encinitas, CA 92024