Like an Episode of Lost

     We woke up this morning to a pounding rain storm. Our tropical island vacation began the first day of monsoon season. This area has not had a drop of rain for months and our second and third day on the island it poured.

     More and more this vacation is reminding me of being on the set of Lost  but without smoke monsters or polar bears.

    It was pounding down rain this a.m. so we put off our Outer Reef boat journey until tomorrow and decided to hike to the highest point on the island in the rain.
     We bought ponchos and cappuccinos ( Hell, you can’t enjoy a rain storm without a Cappuccino!) and obviously before I had torn open the plastic cover on my  poncho the rain was clearing up. We were already hiking up the trail through the jungle at this point ( and I was waiting for John Locke to come out of the jungle with a boar on his shoulders and a whimsical story about selling boxes. 
    Or back gammon ) and the humidity was nearing 100 percent as we struggled upward. The air was so thick and hot and warm I felt like I would choke on it.

   In my opinion these were not ideal hiking situations but the jungle we were hiking through was amazingly gorgeous and I had eaten nearly my weight in tiger prawns over the first few days on the island so I was definitely ready to sweat out some shellfish.
     I honestly do not think I have ever been as sweaty as I was on this three mile hike. By the time we were half a mile from the summit, the high point on the island I was completely exhausted and having trouble breathing.
    I gave up.
    So of course my boyfriend took off his shirt and decided to run to the summit with out me.
    All I could think about was, when can we jump in the cool waters of the ocean down below?!

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