Just Like Heaven

Soft and only
Lost and lonely
Strange as angels
Dancing in the deepest oceans
Twisting in the water
You’re just like a dream

Daylight licked me into shape
I must have been asleep for days
And moving lips to breathe her name
I opened up my eyes
And found myself alone alone
Alone above a raging sea
That stole the only girl I loved
And drowned her deep inside of me

   I love The Cure.
   They are one of my favorite bands of all time and their music is even better on a cold and foggy day with nothing to do but blog and bake.
   And oh yeah, go for a five mile run with way over a thousand feet altitude gain.
   This weeks coming autumn storm was just beginning to blow into the San Bernardino Valley below me as I climbed ever higher above the clouds on Keller’s Peak Road.
   My Asic running shoes beat against the pavement and I could not take my eyes off the glorious clouds in the distance.
   This is a sight that mountain people see a lot. There are many days we have this glorious view over looking the clouds as storms roll in off the Pacific Ocean.
   We never get tired of it.
   It is so jaw dropingly beautiful.
   Pictures really cant do this cloudy sky scape justice.
   The clouds feel so close like you could just walk on them.
   One hundred miles to the west I can see a glare of sun light on water, the ocean.
   This view, to me, is what heaven surely must look like.


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