Amazon, why do you make me hate you so much?
   Okay, well really I just hate JoelTexas.
   You see, JoelTexas might be retarded. I think. That is the only explanation that comes to mind.
   I have been buying and selling junk on eBay for years. I know the ins and outs of Ebay well. I’ve had my good share of problems with people on Ebay, but it would seem people on Amazon are a new realm of stupidity.
   This was my first time delving into Amazon.
   My co workers had told me about a new product they use for endurance when working out, called Jack 3D. Jack 3D is chock full of Creatine, Amino’s and caffeine; three things I already take with my work out, but I was craving more.
   Truth be told, i have been exhausted recently. What with working full time, training two hours a day, trying to find time to write and helping out my disabled family members, I have no time whats so ever. Because of all that, I have been getting about three to six hours of sleep a night. When my co workers told me about how much energy Jack 3D gives them, i thought sign me up! One more supplement to add to my daily dose of vitamins I already take.
   Jack 3D costs just under forty dollars at GNC or the Vitamin Shoppe, and that’s the sales price. Not to mention, I live forty five minutes from the nearest Vitamin  outlet, so I looked up Jack 3D on Amazon and was surprised to see it for only twenty six dollars, awesome! Than I made the mistake of purchasing one from JoelTexas.
   That was February 8th. On February 14th, I received, a long with a lovely bouquet of VD roses from my sweet heart, an  email from Amazon, telling me the seller had neglected to ship my item yet. WTF, it had been a week? So I email the guy and he emails me back and says he is to busy to ship my item. Seriously? You have got to be kidding me? How hard is it to drop a package in the mail? I live in a rural area without the conveniences of a UPS, an Office Depot or Target at my finger tips, but I sell stuff on Ebay all the time, and I ship it out the same day! I understand that sometimes shit happens and you get sick or have emergencies, but one week? Plus, when i contacted that douche bag seller, he didn’t even say, oh I will get it in the mail today.
   I tried to cancel my order on Amazon, but now my item is listed as shipping soon, so I don’t know if I even can cancel my item now, and lets be honest; with this retard, shipping soon could be next Christmas! Anyways, I ordered a different flavour (Four five dollars less, and free shipping!) from some one else and they shipped it the same day, like you know, you are ‘spose to? Right?
   So cross your fingers, I’ll get Jacked soon!

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