I’ve Used Nicer Restrooms in Tijuana

      Congratulations train station in Munich! You are no longer the most discussing bathroom I have used in my life!

      Now let me just say I am not afraid to poo anywhere.
      Explosive disagree in the middle of the forest?
      Done it!
      Pooped myself while on my morning run a mile from my house and had to call my BFF for a ride home?
      Used a wag bag some what successfully ten miles up the Mt Whitney Trail?
      Port a potty’s at Renaissance Faire?
      Huzzah! No problem!
      But the seven eleven in Calimesa was a new kind of disgusting.
      There was a spit bucket for tabacco next to the toilet.
      And the bathroom was one part bathroom one part filth and two parts storage shed as I gazed at a rusty two wheeler that sat next to me.
      I thought it was the law in Southern California that bathrooms were suppose to have sanitary seat covers?
      Even port a potty’s have seat covers these days!
      Obviously when I went to flush the toilet the handle fell off in my hand.
      Amazingly there was soap and I had to actually rummage around in the storage sheds area to locate paper towels to dry my hands that already felt dirty again.
     I was ready to get the hell out of there, and seriously, I have used nicer restrooms in Tijuana.