I’ve Got G.A.S (Gear Accumulation Syndrome)

    It’s hard to be a fan of the outdoors and not slowly turn into a outdoor merchandise hoarder.

    It starts with a pair of running shoes, the Asic women’s size 7’s in white and pink.
    Than your first pair of trekking poles.
    And of course you need a -10 degree sleeping bag to go along with your summertime beach sleeping bag.
    The Coleman one at Costco is on sale so you buy that the same day your co worker mentions that she is giving away a car camping sleeping bag.
    You take that one too and throw it in the camping section of the garage. (After all, you have friends who camp and don’t have their own sleeping bags)
    Than the Merrill outlet has a sale and you can’t decide between two pairs of waterproof hiking boots.
    You buy them both.
    Your aunt gives you a gift card for Sport’s Chalet for Christmas and you go in hoping to just see what’s new.
    You leave two hundred dollars later on your Amex; lavender sports tape (for future injuries), thin new inserts for your running shoes and two new Champion sports bras.
    The REI sale comes and goes and you control your urges to not sleep in a freezing cold parking lot in Rancho Cucamonga with other outdoor enthusiasts just to be the first one in the door to purchase new trekking poles and possibly a lighter tent for back packing.
     You give yourself a pat on the back and decide to spring clean the camping/ outdoor area of the garage.
     But this only makes you dream of all the new gadgets you need for camping and back packing this summer season. 
      Soon it is March first and the fish are biting on Big Bear Lake. You need a new fishing license ( that doesn’t take up any garage space, yea) and at least two new poles, one for lake fishing and one collapsible one for back packing.
      Than Sierra Outpost has a sale.
      Oh shit.
      Your outdoor recreation area of the garage had expanded to the entire garage.
      You are starting to feel like your father (but fishing poles, camping supplies and hiking boots have replaced eight track players and fifteen different broken snow shovels)
      When did I become a hoarder of everything pertaining to a outdoor lifestyle, you ask yourself, while installing a roof rack for your mountain bike, so that there is room in the garage for the canoe.
     I thought I was the only one who had this problem.
     I thought I was the only one who had G.A.S.
     That would be Gear Accumulation Syndrome ( As Mary’s husband calls it every time she puts a bear bin or a new pair of Merril’s on the credit card.

    Well it makes me feel better that most of my friends have G.A.S. to!