It’s time to Put Dad in the home!

    When I picked up my mobile, the first thing my Dad said to me was
   “Your Mother thinks I’m getting weird”
   Oh no, this conversation can’t be going any where good.
    Last week I blogged about how my Dad likes to find “treasures” on the side of the freeway while he is at work as a long haul trucker.
  It seems he has now moved on to carcasses.
   The next words out of his mouth were quick
   “I found a gorgeous dead rattle snake on the side of the road”
   He was quiet upset another bored trucker had already beat him to the rattle.
   Not upset enough to leave the dead animal in the high desert where it belonged how ever.
   Nope, it’s in the fridge at my parents house, and I was told
   “What ever you do, don’t tell your mom!”
   This is not a work of fiction.
   Tune in next week for;
   Things Dad Finds in the Middle of the High Desert highways that Used to be Alive, and he might make Belts out of said Dead Creatures.


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