It’s not if, It’s When

Yesterday I was watching horse racing and the big news was a popular jockey going down in a horrific crash.

The talk of the day was how in horse racing in this career you will fall, you will get hurt, you will break bones, horses will step on you, horses will fall over on top of you, a thousand pounds of horse flesh could crush your tiny frame.
Luckily for jockey Francesco De La Cruz on Saturday the injury was just a fractured wrist.
I couldn’t get the commentators words out of my head,
” For jockeys, it’s not if, it’s when”
Flash forward to yesterday afternoon and a dear friend getting a call at work on her cell phone, not her husband a well known Inland area cyclist on the line but the local sheriff.
For cyclist too, it’s not if, it’s when.
Phil was hit by a green four door car at 12:35pm on Calimesa Blvd.
The good news is it looks like he won’t lose his leg at this point after hours of surgeries yesterday at Moreno Valley Community Hospital.
Phil and Annette are great friends, who have been there for years and years in good times and bad and it breaks my heart to see what she is going through and the long road of recovery ahead for Phil.
His leg is severely damaged, broken femur, not to mention, broken clavicle, broken ribs, collapsed lungs and a lacerated liver.
I have been praying for my dear friends the last twenty four hours and now trying to get word out to the media and try and find the s.o.b in the green car.
For cyclist to its a dangerous sport and I have so many friends who ride bikes and they are always in my thoughts and prayers.


  1. Dobson

    Wow! It is horrible that someone out enjoying a fitness regimen had to suffer such a horrid accident. Praying the healing is swift and complete.

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