India Here I Come!

Last month my boyfriend and were struggling up Meysan Lakes Trail in the hot July sunshine. Well I was bitching and moaning about seventy degrees at eight a.m. Being SO HOT.

I hope I survive India.
When we go to India in four months I will not be hiking three thousand feet up a sandy mountain so perhaps I will be less complainy.
On this particular camping trip, we camped for a few days at Whitney Portal Campground between our Meysan Lakes summit and cheering on Bad Water competitors.
After checking into our camp site I visited the toilets as I like to do and commented to my man.
“What is with the sign in the bathroom?”100_0490
Who would stand on the toilet seat?”
He just laughed at me.
“Indians. They do that. Because in India you stand on the toilet seats”
Well myself obviously being a smart ass and my boyfriend obviously being from India, one day when he was at work I put up signs in each of our bathrooms saying
“Please do not stand on the toilet seats”
I think I’m pretty funny.

Until today.

A slightly different Yosemite Adventure
I was slightly frustrated with my Yosemite Park adventure I embarked on this a.m.
I conversated with the kiosk ranger dude and he even commented on how cute my pooch was and yet failed to tell me ( Even after I told him which trail we were hiking that day!) that dogs were not allowed on trails.
Than he charged me thirty bucks for admission( Not his fault but man, national parks have become expensive these days!)
Than the first port a toilet I used had no TP.
I admit that annoyed me a bit.
Thirty bucks for entry and at seven a.m. So early in the day on a weekday no less no TP to wipe my ass?
So I went it Indian style.
I stood on the toilet seat.
India here I come!