In the Ghetto….

                I was just interviewed by a local sheriff as the restaurant across the street from my house was robbed last night. That really pisses me off as my good friend owns that restaurant, and he has a hard enough time making ends meet, what with the bad economy and our local highway being closed, creating hardly any business.  Neo owns and runs two of the local restaurants in town, and I know he has got to work at least 60 hours a week between the two just trying to stay afloat. WTF? Can’t the local hooligans just keep to making meth in piece without having to rob the hard working citizens of this community? Neo has been through so much in the last few years and everyone in this small mountain town knows him and loves him, who would cause him this kind of trouble, it really makes me wonder. There are some pretty shitty people out there, that’s for sure.

                I’m reminded of that every time I have to drive through San Bernardino, which lately is alot. I go to physical therapy 2-4 times a week in the ghetto of San Bernardino and just drying through this shit hole every day puts me in a foul mood. I feel like I could be robbed or car jacked by one of these pathetic tweaked out gang members at any time. My good friend was almost mugged a block from where my weekly appointments are held. I hate the 909! 

                The only upsides to PT is I am having a love affair with the leg press! And I do actually enjoy a few of the other weight training exercises that I can’t do with my weight set at home. That’s the only upside, the rest of the hour I’m there I just get pissed off, knowing most of the exercises I can (And do) on my own at home. Just getting to physical therapy is a pain in my ass. I almost get side swiped or rear ended by one crack head or another EVERY SINGLE DAY, I swear. I just can’t wait two more weeks until I’m done with PT.
                I’m sitting on my porch overlooking my neighbors goats grazing on the hill across the street and occasionally “bahing” a complaint or two (The goats, not me) Starring at these peaceful critters makes me feel like I possibly live in a slightly less ghetto place then I actually do.  Now time to take off for Big Bear and truly enjoy this serene day off with some fishing and beer drinking by the lake.
                “Work sucks, lets fish”