In 2016 This was my Bad Day

“So far this morning I have had a man pick his nose while having a conversation with me.

I watched some one blow a snot rocket into a trash can after the first race,

A man sat down on the bench next to me and belched loudly five times and farted once. ( I was counting!)

Than another guy spit into my face while talking to me. (BTW I forgot my mouth, I mean hand, sanitizer today)”

Oh the sights and sounds of the race track! Have I mentioned that I love this place? This was a quote from an email I sent my favorite race track coworker.

I worked in retail for a popular GMO free grocery store for fifteen years and my greatest worry all those years was would the bread truck pull in on time.

This afternoon I watched a young horse have a heart attack after a race right in front of myself and 12,000 new and old horse racing fans and as I watched he poor horse down on the track as the jockey stroked his mane and tears fell from the great mint green grandstand I thought now these are real worries and fears.

My heart acted for the connections of this colt just beginning his career and I tried to explain to new fans sometimes these things happen. Of course its extremely heart breaking when they happen on a busy day right in front of the grandstand and every fan in attendance sees the green sheets being raised and every ones fears are confirmed.

In 2016 this is a bad day at work.