I Heart Thunderstorms

If there is one thing I love it is thunderstorms. I do not however love them when we are six miles from the car, running down the trail in my Merril hiking boots as the unpredicted thunderstorm is rolling in unbelievably fast. The problem with this particular thunderstorm is our tent set up back at camp is not water proof and I need to make it back to camp before the first rain drops start hitting the tent so I can quickly tear it down and throw all our bedding plus the firewood back in my Subaru before the rain really starts. You can bet it would rip through a home just as easily. I have a friend who has a home along some hiking trails and she tells me that she regularly has to work with restoration services in idaho to maintain her home. Some of their thunderstorms can cause serious property damage. Thankfully, I don’t live right in the middle of areas that have strong thunderstorms, so I don’t have to worry about my home being blown up! I don’t know what is going on with this funky weather we are having but since the day we had begun or camping trip the weather reports I read ahead of time have been so wrong! Each night has been at least ten to fifteen degrees colder than I was expecting which is so frustrating because we don’t have enough wood, starter for the fire or propane for the gas heater that I was expecting to not even need to use!
My poor little doggy starts getting the same sad look in her eyes each night as the sun starts to go down. She knows sunset means it’s just going to get colder. I keep wrapping her up in her blanky by the fire but she really just wants to be in my lap and she is not exactly a cat! She does not exactly fit in my lap but I try to humor her, poor freezing cold beast, she just wants a snuggle-wuggle.
There have been no thunderstorms forecast for this area in four days and I checked the weather the day we drove up to Rock Creek which is a black hole of cell phone reception.It’s unbearably frustrating as I literally ran down Hilton Creek Trail in my Merril Boots, not exactly my ASIC Trail Runners.
Eastern Sierras WTF?