I Heart Krab (And a recipe for Krab Salad Sandwich

This week’s theme is sandwiches.

Summer time is here and sandwiches are a necessity when it comes to taking day hikes and picnic days at the lake.
* Just a note, for all these sandwiches you can substitute Greek yogurt for the mayonnaise

  I have a horrible secret.
   I love krab.
   Yes, that is krab with a K.
   Don’t get me wrong, I do love crab spelled with a C just as much but I’m one of those people who will buy Krab Salad. I also buy plain Krab to make my own Krab Salad.
   I do live a few hundred miles inland and I’ll admit it, if you are not a fan of farm raised trout or catfish which are usually the only thing you catch out here fishing, than your fresh fish options are limited. There is always frozen fish but it is just not the same.
  Because of this, maybe I’m not quite as snooty about my fish taste as some one who lives at the oceans edge.
   A few weeks ago I noticed that Von’s sells Krab Legs that they pump full of real Crab flavour!
   I know most foodies are probably rolling their eyes at the notion of that, but I had to try it..
   It was delicious! The price was out of this world..      a pound!
   Yes it’s not Dungeness Crab or Alaskan Crab Legs, you could never confuse it for that but for the price, you really can’t beat this super steal on seafood.

Krab Salad Sandwiches

1 package krab
1 tab mayonnaise or Greek yogurt
1/4 tsp tarragon
1/4 tsp garlic salt
1 tsp lemon juice
green leaf lettuce
heirloom tomatoes, sliced
whole wheat bread (I prefer Milton’s)

Mix the krab, mayo, tarragon, garlic salt and lemon juice.
Layer the Krab Salad on the bread. Top with tomatoes, sprouts and lettuce.

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