I do get off the Mountain every now and then…

Game on Dude winning

    Yesterday was a whirl wind fun filled day. It began at Santa Anita in the afternoon with a day of horse racing, amazing food and a few wheat beers. It ended with a night of screaming men chasing me with chain saws.
     It was an extremely hot fall day and I would like to, I really would like to think I sweated out all the calories I consumed, besides the fact I walked A LOT yesterday in my new super cute Steve Madden boots. (I tried on these boots on five separate occasions at Macy’s, so finally deciding on them was a big deal.)

Game on Dude

    Santa Anita was doing another Food Truck Festival, and I was there! The last one, Janette and I went to was amazing. I left my car at the nearby Santa Anita Mall (Where Alicia and Johnny would meet me that evening) and made the walk over to Santa Anita on foot. That’s when I realized it was a little hot. The forecast that morning had said 84 for Arcadia, and I would guess the temperature was in the high nineties by the end of the afternoon. Not ideal walking weather, but at least I brought ice water with me.

The two is Cozie Rozie, she was second

     I got to the park right after the second race, only to discover that Solstice, the horse I would have bet on, had won at 8-1, grr. Then my brand new smart phone was having Internet troubles while I was waiting for my friends, so I couldn’t get my bet in for the third race. Turned out to be okay when the horse I like was pulled out of the race on the back stretch. By then my friends arrived, I was a hot sweaty mess and after an hour drive they were ready for a beer.

Dubawi Heights, before she won the Yellow Ribbon Stakes

 We had an awesome afternoon betting on the ponies, not winning much, and declaring it was, in Bills word’s
     ” all my fault!” Fun time’s!
Cortney had a great time betting all her money on Tres Borrachos, or three drunks. He must have been drunk. At forty to one, yes he lost. All of this was surrounded by a afternoon pigging out on fried cheese balls. Cheesy sloppy joe’s from the Cheese Ball Truck, and amazing Chinese pork bun from the Flying Pig Truck. After all that fried cheese you can only imagine how my stomach felt. An icey beer really did help! Must have been the carbination!
 Luckily all my friends won some money on the last race when Dubawi Heights won. I was so happy to see my friends cheering faces, after the race I completely didn’t even realize my horse  had lost. After Dubawi Heights race I walked back to my car to meet Alicia and Johnny. They were taking me to Universal Studios that evening for Halloween Horror. 


Cambina, the other half of my exacta

field for the Yellow Ribbon, the first time past the stands

Halloween Horror was a fright fest full of chain saw wielding maniacs chasing high school girls who I guess are scared? Also people come up to you and shake cans of Altoids in your face, which  is scary if they are not sugar free and you happen to be diabetic. As we wondered through an abandoned “Camp ground” set, I mused on how it looked just like Renaissance Faire, then a scary monster jumped out of the bushes shaking mints at me! Yup, just like Renaissance Faire.

     As we came around a corner, apparently entering Cancer Land,  there were people smoking every where, I yelled “Oh God! Smoker’s! Scariest thing I’ve seen all day!”
     So yes, I had an awesome time at Halloween Horror; I spent the whole night cracking bad jokes and making fun of tweens…It was awesome!
     Well besides the eighty pound tweens shrieking in my ear and stomping on my new Steve Madden boots. If they only weigh eighty pounds how can they stomp on my toes like a pack of rabid elephants?
   Alicia is one of those people who just adore scary movies and loves to be scared. I guess I’m just not scared of fake stuff like this. Once you have actually had a pack of coyotes chase you through a darkening burned down forest as the sun sets behind the mountains, and the fog is rolling in, okay then you have something to be scared of. I know. I’ve been there.


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