How White People make Tortillas

   I have not made tortillas in years.
   I am not Hispanic.
   My families heritage is Jewish and Western European. I grew up making matzo balls and liver, not home made tortillas, tamales and sopes.
   Yet it surprises me now how easy these foods are to make!
   I  love food of the spicy variety and I love corn tortillas.
   It is a hot, hot, hot autumn evening in my cabins small kitchen.
   Ive been in here for hours, cooking with the oven on.
   No joke it is still eighty two degrees in my little mountain town at almost six p.m. on this late September evening.
   It’s so hot I just gave my miserably warm looking haired cats their last hair cut of the summer ( And weirdly they purred while I was doing it, that is how hot it is here)
    It’s hard to imagine that this is fall and not a July evening. I mean I’m sitting on my porch in running shorts and a tank top, and Labor Day was two weeks ago!
    I was in Big Bear this morning running and the tents and beer gardens are set up for tomorrows starting day of Oktoberfest something I usually attend in Ugg Boots, layered sweaters and leggings, the best of fall fashion in a mountain town!
   I’ve been cooking for hours getting the food ready for the camping trip I’m preparing to go on with friends in a few days.
   The problem is I have cooked everything in my house and than put it in the freezer for the trip to the Sierras and now there is nothing left to eat!
   So I was motivated to make some corn tortillas because I have corn flour and coconut oil.
  I know, I know, I did not use masa in these tortillas.
  I used corn flour.
  I did not use lard.
  I used coconut oil.
  Yet some how these tortillas turned out delicious!
  Try them with my Red Bell Pepper and Feta Dip, or use them to make my spicy Buffalo Tacos!

Home Made Corn Tortilla

1 cup corn flour
1/3 to 1/2 cup warm water
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp coconut oil

1/8 cup coconut oil for frying

Mix the corn flour, salt, and coconut oil, add the water slowly, just until the dough forms.
Put plastic wrap on both flat pieces of your tortilla press.
Place a small dough ball on the press and flatten completely.
Fry each flattened tortilla in just a splash of coconut oil.

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