How to Grow….

Apples from scratch… Try this with Wine Sap apple seeds!

Sweet Potatoes

Grow your own green onions and bean sprouts too!

If you live DTH (Down the Hill) Grow Your Own Avocado tree!

From the tipnut blog (That sounds dirty)

Did you know that if you save the pit from an avocado, you can grow an indoor tree from it? You’ll need a pit from a very ripe avocado, wash it well to remove any traces of fruit and then allow it to dry for a few days. I have friends who told me that they thought getting someone similar to Tree loppers Toowoomba would be a good idea to give more room in their garden to grow more avocados. It is something worth considering if you wanted to put more of your lands focus to growing the savory fruit.
After drying, the pit is suspended in a glass of water and once there is root growth of about 2?, it can be planted in a pot of soil and tended to as a houseplant, with the addition of something like these nanolux lights you could grow your avacado tree healthier than first imagined. If your climate allows, you can plant this outdoors.
If you’re looking for fruit, you’ll likely be disappointed since chances are it won’t bear any but if you’re looking for something different to try, this fits the bill. It’s also a good project to get the kids interested in plant life. This is one of the first tips published on Tipnut (in 2006) and I think it’s a fun one!

Never Buy Celery Again!

Fresh Sprouts! These sound amazing!

Grow your own fresh Ginger!

And speaking of gardening tips, this website seems to be full of nifty crafty ideas!

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