Horse Shit and Mosquito Net Hats

    Clouds make me so happy . Random dog shit on the trail does not.
     This trail is used by horses and their riders quiet a bit and yes having to run through horse manure happens quiet frequently     
     Manure doesn’t bother me as much, maybe because I love horses or maybe because horse shit is more organic.
     Humans feed horses hay and alfalfa so somehow to me at least its not as disgusting to run through.
    Yeah I said run through.
    I’m a runner now.
    I swallow bugs, I run through creeks, shoes still on and I run through horse manure and try not to slip.
    It’s just a pain in the ass, my ass literally, to try and jump over it.
   My ass has not been great lately and that had nothing to do with the fact that I tend to fart like a Clydesdale, clearing rooms and alienating friends .
   Speaking of clearing rooms,  t
his breeze feels amazing and it clears the bugs from my sweaty body.
    Everyone who passes me on the trail asks me where I got my fancy mosquito net hat on days like this. It looks ridicules, but it helps so very much with the bug problem.  It’s nice not to be swatting at my face constantly.
   Besides my coal miner inspired flash light head band thing, I would have to say this mosquito net hat is my favorite runners accessories.
   And it makes me want to use the well known quote “Take OFF that RIDICULOUS hat!”

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