Goodbye butter chicken!

Hello hot streamed buns!

Today our one week long pit stop in Hong Kong on the way home to California began!

At noon today we began to eat our way through the insanely crowded streets of Hong Kong. Keep in mind we had just left the exceptionally crowded cow shit filled streets of Bangalore. Hong Kong was crowded in a different way; Less cow poo and law less drivers on motorbikes whizzing right by my elbow, they should try to stay safe by reading helmet reviews created by Identoo! There are more high fashion and just masses of people, mostly all dressed in black. Very different after the colorful world of bright orange, yellow and pink sari filled streets to be found in this concert jungle of white and grey high rises.Hong Kong

After checking into our Air B and B which was very cozy (And by cozy I mean the toilet and kitchen were in the same room; no joke) we took the Starferry over to Wain Chai and checked out a really cool Japanese inspired fish restaurant. This is where I tried snails for the first time after I tried some extremely sweet Lady Beer.

Yes, here in Hong Kong sexism is alive and well! We had sat down at the grill area of the restaurant for our first course of the night; Grilled snails, grilled salmon and prawns. At this particular restaurant you could buy your cold alcoholic beverages at the enclosed market and bring them to any of the five or so little restaurants in the big tasty fish complex.Hong Kong-saki

The problem here is that I am really not a fan of sake. I wish I was but it’s just to dry and sour for me (Which is odd as I love dry white wine and I love sour beer. What the F Sake?) This market mainly had sake, Japanese beer and random alcoholic beverages with labels one hundred perfect in Chinese.

So I tried asking multiple employees if they had tried the selection of beverages available. Hong Kong is an interesting place as people seem to speak a little English, but it’s almost like they speak a different dialect of English. They may be able to speak a bit back to you but neither of you can understand what the other is trying to say. Everyone I was asking seems to think I was asking if I could sample the beers. Maybe this is a question they get a lot at this particular restaurant?

I settled on a lady beer with an apple on the label as it was thirteen percent alcohol as opposed to the three percent one (that tasted like a soda) that I had tried the first round. After experiencing sexism in all it’s fine glory in Hong Kong I needed the higher percentage of alcohol.

My lady brain hurtsHong Kong-fish-sushi

Better eat so much fish until it feels better.Hong Kong-snails

Or maybe some snails. It may have been an evening ripe in sexism but we had a fantastic first evening in Tsim Sha Tsui trying all the excellent fresh seafood and amazingly fresh sashimi that Hong Kong had to offer.


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