Hong Kong 4PM

My first impression of Hong Kong was smog. I’ve never been in a place so brown and smoggy ever before in my life. It made me wonder how people live here. The sky is just an ugly brown mess. I have a friend who has been in Hong Kong working the past few days and her photos on social media did show a bit of smog but also clouds. I was expecting Hong Kong to be a bit smoggy but I was unprepared for this mess of disgusting brown air.

The sad thing is, I could kind of see lush green mountains in the distance across the ocean and if it were not for the smog I think Hong Kong would be a beautiful place!

I had to drown my sorrows in delicious authentic Chinese food. It was terrible. (No it wasn’t, it was amazing!)

It was a terrible choice as we wandered the international terminal between flights.

What Asian cuisine should we enjoy was the question as we attempted to kill time on a early Friday evening.

Ramen, Japanese tonkatsu or the crispy duck? We finally settled on an appetizer platter that was simply delicious. It came with this garlicky chili sauce that was so damn delicious. That’s the thing with eating delicious foods and traveling. You know you may never have those foods again in your life!

One thing about smoggy evenings; they make the best sunsets!

Watching the sunset before our flight out of Hong Kong