Grrrrr…Gggggonna Run out a Here!

     Today’s morning run is brought to you by the letter g as in grrr.
     G as in I would gggggreatly appreciate not shitting myself twice in one week. This morning was briefly slightly terrifying.
     I went for a quick run at Keller’s at dawn. Today’s adventure consisted of having to run for the first time ever in glasses instead of contact lenses as I scratched the shit out of both of my corneas. How did I do this? No idea. Dirt in the contacts and rubbing my eyes I guess.
     I cant wear my sunglasses which make being in direct sun light difficult.

     Therefore I would run at dawn before the sun makes me all squinty.
     I was having a glorious good time running the trails at the top of Keller’s Peak when I came across the trail to  Snow Valley Lake. I’ve heard about this trail but never found it before.
     I began running down the thin trail only a foot wide stretched in between groves of manzanita.

     As  the sun began to rise and reflect off the glassy waters it was truly a glorious sight. 
     That’s when I heard a ferocious grr from the manzanita plant to my left. I have no idea what kind of animal made that noise but I grabbed my mace and backed the f put of there!

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