Forty Nine Minutes

   Final times were just posted from the Snow Shoe the Bear. My time was 49 minutes. Pretty slow in my opinion when the fastest women’s time was 32 minutes. I never said I was fast; never ever. I can run all day, but if I run fast I hyperventilate and get dizzy. I did however, finish 35 of 94 woman, and that is pretty good, in my opinion. If only I had started near the beginning of the pack, my time would have been so much better! The beginning of the race was like making my way through a herd of slow moving cattle. I was barely shuffling my feet through the snow, dying to run, trying to ease my way around all the people in front of me, walking up the steep hill. If I had started at the beginning of the pack, I probably could have picked a minute off my time, easily. I guess this is a learning experience for next time. I’m just so proud of myself that I ran the entire race!
   I’m kicking myself for not doing the 10 K. Don’t get me wrong, last night when I got home I was exhausted after just the 5 K, and my hip and lower back were really sore. But I know I can easily run seven miles. That’s what I run most days when I’m training! Plus, when I looked up the results, only fourteen woman even tried the 10 K!  I know I have the same endurance as them, and I could probably beat a few men also.
   One thing is so for sure; next year I am so challenged to do the Snow Shoe the Bear again!

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