Fatty Wants to Get Some

The best part of fishing is sitting on a dock in the sunshine and reminiscing with good friends about the good old days. Some of the better fishing spots we’ve been to even have underwater led dock lights that meant we could continue fishing hours after it got dark. We only stopped when we ran out of things to say!

Did we catch some beautiful mountain trout today?
Did we see some big ass squirrels almost do it?
Did we offend an old fisherman? ( The same fisherman who we believe caught the last hungry fish in Lake Silverwood today)
Did we have an awesome time trying to stay warm as a freezing spring time wind blew across the alpine lake and chilled us to the bone?
My good friends are moving to Georgia tomorrow and today’s little fishing trek to Lake Silverwood was our last hurrah for a long time.
I had never really explored the shores of Lake Silverwood before and I was shocked at how unbelievably beautiful it is this time of year.
We fished for only about an hour and a half off the main dock in the freezing cold mountain sunshine, tossing our red fish ball bait into the almost empty lake. We saw one boat out on the silent lake the whole time we were trying not to freeze on the dock. We found the best way to stay warm was actually to lie down on the wood slates of the dock. We may have looked kind of weird but the only other person around was the old man who caught all the beautiful trout today.
After fishing in the cold for a while we finally called it a day and decided to go warm up with pizza; carbs and cheese were sounding better than a freezing cold mountain breeze on this fishless day.
As we wandered through the parking lot we were amazed at all the super friendly squirrels who were just hanging out. One squirrel in particular was amazingly fat and we spent a few minutes watching her do squirrels stuff. It then became apparent that this was a very horny female squirrel as she was trying to get some from the other skinny squirrels.
That’s when I chose to loudly proclaim,
“Fatty wants to get some!”

I turned around and the older guy who had caught the only fish in the lake was standing next to us, staring at us like we were nuts for remarking about the mating habits of the squirrels.

After watching Fatty the Squirrel act like a whore from a Nu-Bay video, our adventures with wildlife were not done for the day, however.
As we were driving out of the park I had to slam on my brakes as a family of quails attempted to flitter/ waddle across the road right in front of me.
The tiny little baby quail were the size of a quarter. They were so freaking cute and a great way to say good bye to our day on Lake Silverwood.
The cute quail family must be why they have signs up twenty five miles an hour zone.