Faster than a Speeding Quail

     If there is one thing certain with running or any other sport, there will be injuries.

Sometimes. I feel like I’m just training in between injuries.
     But I prefer this, the training, the seven mile runs starting before sunrise to the couch potato feeling I get from sitting on the couch all day and watching tv
    That was me two months ago.
    Although looking back on that hellish two weeks I don’t remember a lot. I was so drugged up on Tramadol to keep the constant sharp agonizing pain done what at bay that I really didn’t watch a lot of Fox News or horse racing.
    I would Chanel change between the two for ten minutes before falling asleep for forty so dwelt medicated that my back and leg would stop tingling and aching briefly while I slept away a week of my summer sucked 
    Big time and as I lay on my couch in pain all I could think about was the next week, when I would run through the forest again, my feet flying through the sand and along the trails.
    It was three weeks since my back seized up and I had shooting pain in my left leg and my foot was still numb half the time but I slowly made my way out on the trails again.
    I actually read online last week that walking and running can help sciatica so I’m hoping I’m doing some thing good for my body and not making it worse.
    Today I learned on the trail that I might not run as fast as a toddler yet but I almost run as fast as a quail.
    This is not fast.
    This is not bragging but after three weeks of barely any exercise this is a slight milestone.
    As the rain drops patterned down on my arms and legs and my feet fought their way up the lonely dirt road I saw a group if quail twittering on the road ahead.
    They didn’t see me although I was close to them and didn’t even scatter; attempting to run and barely fly as quail are probe to do ( they are the awkward fork of the bird family) until the thunder clap shoke the forest and the biggest one was running and wobbling up the trail ahead of me.
     I almost caught up to him when he took his grey and tan feathers to the sky and tried to flit away.