If there is one thing I do well it is fall.
   I can be running fast flat out down a hill, trip over a root and fall as soft as a leaf into the dirt. I’m majorly skilled at catching myself in situations like this.
   Maybe it’s all the horse racing I watch, watching jockeys get ejected from horses galloping at thirty miles an hour, but I seem to have found a knack for falling.
  Maybe it’s the sadist in me but I kind of like falling. There is just something about spitting the dirt out of your teeth, wiping the dust off your cheek bones, pulling yourself out of the wet mud and scrambling to your feet, hoping that no one saw that, that I find exhilarating.
    Maybe I should stop texting and running.
   Actually I wasn’t even texting and running today. I had just looked down at my map on my smart phone to decide if I had taken the right fork in the dirt road when I heard voices in this lonely mountain forest to my left.
   I had not seen another person all morning in my eight mile run.
   I turned my head just slightly to the left and that’s when I missed the granite rock protruding from the soil and I slide down word in slow motion, it felt like. Luckily the brace I wore on my right knee took some of the impact and I landed face first on top of my smart phone. I’ll always remember this fall when I look at my crack and scratched screen.
   I pulled myself quickly to my feet, before the two woman walking rat dogs coming up the trail could witness me laying in the dirt.
   My knee and face were scratched up a bit, but surprisingly I felt pretty damn good. I was reawakened after that fall, that is for sure.