I bet very few people have embarrassed themselves in front of their idol.
  I used to be one of those people.
   Than I had four beers and when I am four beers deep, I loose control of some important bodily functions.
   It was a sunny, humid fall day at Hollywood Park race track. I had journeyed from my mountain home, down to Los Angeles in the smoggy valley below for a day of watching  Thoroughbred race horses gallop around a dirt oval in Inglewood California. For those of you not from Southern California, Inglewood is slightly nicer then Compton. It is not a nice area, but it is home to a truly beautiful race track once you enter the gates of Hollywood Park and breathe in the track known for lakes and flowers. (And leave the hookers and gang members behind)
    Inglewood; Lakes flowers, hookers and race horses.
   I think that might be the cities slogan.
   Or I could be wrong.
   Alicia, Johnny and I were hanging out at the race track later in the evening then expected as I had purchased a huge beer and I drink very slow, so I had to finish my huge Dos Eques so we could head back. Because of this, we stayed to watch the last race.
   In horse racing, the last race of the day is usually very cheap horses and most horse racing fans leave well before the last race to beat traffic and what not. We have a long drive hom and usually leave before the last race.
   On this sunny Southern California Saturday evening, my favorite race horse trainer of all time, Bob Baffert, was running a horse in this race. Hollywood Park is unique in the fact that the horses are saddled in the tree lined paddock, right in front of all the fans. It’s really nice as it gets you an up close and personal look at the horses, as well, as their trainers and owners.
   Alicia and Johnny and I were hanging out at the railing, a mere six feet from Bob Baffert and a dappled two year old colt, when I let out thew most massive belch of my life. Damn that beer. Keep in mind, the paddock area was almost empty at this point and we were just about the only people around. Everyone in the paddock, turned and starred at the little one hundred pound girl, who had just let out this massive man burp. Embarrassing? Yes, it was.
   We left after that. I don’t think Bob Baffert will ever forget me.

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