Apparently I’m the bad driver.
    Wow, shocking as I spend so much time yelling, flipping off and just generally being angry at every other driver who dares cross my path.
     I learned me this fact today at the Rancho Cucamonga DMV. I showed up at seven a.m. and was the first one inside the building. I had to change my name on my driver’s license after my divorce.
     As I wanted to change my name and renew my license all in one trip, I was forced to take a written test.
    And that was where I failed.
    I watched sixteen year old after sixteen year old get their license in the two hours I spent at the DMV, and when it was my turn I answered four questions incorrectly.
    Okay these questions were worded like trick questions!
    All the answers seemed right!

     Allow extra space between your vehicle when following
     A. Passenger car
     B. Tour Bus
     C. Station Wagon.
     Shouldn’t the answer be all? You should always leave extra space!

    I felt like I was starring in that 1980’s movie License to Drive, but instead of a coffee cup on the dash, it was a black pen that was about to check the wrong box on my scan tron sheet.
    I did enjoy some of the humorous questions like

     When driving near a road work zone you should
     A Slow down to watch the work as you pass
     B. Decrease your following distance
     C. Pass the work zone carefully and avoid distractions.
    I picked answer D.
    Hoot and holler
   “Hey baby!” at all the construction workers”

     I was happy to see number 16 on the test;

     If five or more vehicles are following you on a narrow two lane road
     A Move to the right hand side of the lane and drive slowly
    B. Drive into the turn out areas or lanes to let them pass
    C. Continue driving because you have the right away
    Funny, I don’t see answer D. on there which is continue driving fifteen miles an hour and throwing trash and cigarettes out the windows while the red neck behind you farts, yells and flips you off.

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