I might just be the worst Republican ever.
   I took me almost twenty four after last nights election results were official to remember to check and see who our next president might be.
   My cell phone was dead and I was distracted by mountain fun times and because of this, I was probably one of the last people in California to see that President Obama was reelected.  That was at one o clock Pacific Time.
   I wish I cared more about this election, than maybe I would have been connected to a computer or watching on T.V. or gossiping and texting with my pals like four years ago but it’s a sad day when politics loving me just can’t get interested in either party.
   It’s not that I don’t care. I love this country and I hope that whats best to fix the economy happens. As a Republican I should stand behind Mitt Romney, right? I just find him a little blah and I can’t see him getting anything done in four years. I’m honestly a little happy that Obama was reelected. I think, even if I disagree with this President quite a bit, he has a better chance of fixing this country with a full eight years than if Mitt Romney had been elected and just had four. (Because let’s face it, would he really get reelected? Doubtful) I just think deep in my heart that Mitt Romney is nothing special and not the Republican to stand behind. I think in four years the GOP can regroup and come up with some one better.
   So who did I vote for? Well, I’ll tell you one thing; it was not Roseanne Barr.
   Four years ago I listened to the election results pouring in, while at work on atypical Tuesday evening. I was surrounded by like minded Republicans, young and old, and we watched John McCain get his ass handed to him. You know what though? It was a great night for us because we were together and we were living this moment in history together.
    This year I think about ten of my fellow employees out of about eighty voted. That is so sad and it breaks my heart that no one cares.
    Of course I say that but last night I was to distracted by watching a meteor shower in a jacuzzi on a mountain top that I completely forgot about our nations history, which was unfolding across our great country.
   Than this morning I got up at dawn and ran at least twelve miles along a ridge line some where above Seven Oaks. Than I ran down to the Santa Ana River bed and continued along a dusty dirt road that hugged piney cliffs. Was I thinking of the politics unfurling around me?
   No, I was running through freezing mountain streams, I was puffing my way up tall mountain sides on a forty degree mountain morning.
   I’ll always be this deeply conservative small town girl, but running has become my new passion and I’m just getting a little sick and tired of politics, debates, arguing and name calling. Instead I’d rather be in a autumn forest, meteors, bear scat and red tail hawks on the horizon. NaBloPoMo November 2012


  1. Kiki

    It’s kind of refreshing to hear from someone who wasn’t all up in the whole election night everything. I was trying to do blog updates and other online things which meant I could not hide from all the annoying facebook and twitter posts all. night. long. Going for a run (though I hate running) sounds amazing and like a much better alternative!

  2. Arnebya

    The day after the election I was seriously just glad to be able to turn on the tv and not see a political ad. And I’m glad you have running to enjoy. I recently started early morning walking and though it’s usually cold, it’s refreshing.

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