Chive Lemon Cream Cheese Breakfast & wich with Cucumbers and Sprouts

     In my opinion Milton’s breads, especially their multi grain bread, is the best health conscience and yet delicious bread you can buy at a grocery store.
     Being that their breads are packed with whole grains and delicious ingredients like oats and barley of course Milton’s would have to have an actual cafe in the super rich California hippie haven of Del Mar.
     Every summer when Del Mar Thoroughbred Club opens I always want to stop at Milton’s for lunch or breakfast but the horrible problem I constantly face is that there are just so many delicious restaurants in Del Mar, including my favorite pizza place of all time, Sammy’s Wood Fired Pizzas.
    So it took me years to get to eat at Milton’s.
    When I did finally make it to Milton’s and check out their menu I was surprised to see that Milton’s is a Jewish restaurant!
    I think that is so awesome! My mothers side of the family is Jewish and I grew up eating matzo balls, halva and lox.
    These days I call myself a Jew for Jesus but I still enjoy me some good old lox with cream cheese and all the fixins.
     This sandwich is amazing on Milton’s Multi Grain Bread.

Chive Lemon Cream Cheese Veggie Breakfast ‘Wich with Cucumbers and Sprouts

4 slices Milton’s multi grain bread
1/4 cup cream cheese
2 tab lemon juice
1 tab chives, chopped
3 Persian cucumbers sliced thin
1 portabello mushroom, sliced thin
1/4 cup sprouts

Mix the chives, 1 tab lemon juice and the cream cheese.
Toast the bread.
Slather on the cream cheese, cucumbers, mushrooms and sprouts. Drizzle over the extra tablespoon of lemon juice.

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