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The Best Runner’s Trail Mix

Two great foods to embrace when running, salt and bananas for Potassium are in this high protein trail mix Runner’s Trail Mix Dried BananaswalnutsSalted pecanssalted almondspistachiosdried cranberriesdried blueberriesdried cherriesdried peachesdried pearscandied cashews yogurt covered raisins are good too, but they do melt in the heat

Biscuits and Gravy Casserole

This is a healthy recipe.Ha.A healthy recipe for biscuits and gravy?Okay, maybe it’s healthier?Yesterday at work I was challenged to make biscuits and gravy with chicken sausage.This being a challenge as chicken sausage is low in fat and you need the fat to make the gravy.I except this challenge! Biscuits and Gravy Casserole 1 package …

Whole Grain Veggie Quesadillas

 in between Green Valley and Big Bear        Today was the prefect overcast, thunder storms looming on the horizon kind of day to bust out a hard core workout. I can say that after a week of, well, sitting on my ass, sipping white wine. at Big Bear    It might make me sound lazy, …

Man Food Casserole

     Men like meat right? And potatoes right? And corn right? and cheese right? What if you throw hot sauce on the whole thing? Hot cheesy goodness! My heart hurts.Man Food Casserolealready pre made pot roast1 bag pre cooked garlic potatoeshorse radishsour creamcanned cornsharp white aged cheddar cheese