Fitness Fun

I Used to be a Runner

I can’t recall how many early mornings I’ve found myself lacing up my running shoes in the dark and pounding out miles of alpine trails before the sun even came up. I have literally almost run into sleepy Black Bears on our trails through the wilderness, as the sun was just beginning to rise over …

Rainy Day Fun for the Indoor Confined Hiker

Dear diary, It’s 10:30 a.m. and it has been raining cats and dogs for forty-eight hours now. I have not laced up my North Face hikers snow boots and hit the trail, any trail, with my favorite four-legged mutt in fifty-five hours, ten minutes and four seconds. I’m feeling wired, and edgy from all the …

All I got for Christmas was this damn Giardia

I’ve got my fingers crossed that Santa does not deliver a case of Giardia to The Hungry Mountaineer this holiday season after I had to do the ultimate wilderness culture no-no yesterday and drink from a crystal clear creek on my seven hour-long trek up San Gorgonio, the highest mountain peak in Southern California.