Carrot Apple Ginger Juice

    It is ten A.M. and I think I’m high off of juice.
    Yes that is right, carrots got me high.
    Let me start out this post by saying I fucking hate carrots.
    I hate them in soup, I hate them in salad; I have always been terrified to try them juiced I find their natural sickly sweetness just so disgusting.
    But I have horrible eye sight so I want to love them, I really do.
    I keep trying to eat carrots even though they disgust me because well sight is a wonderful thing.
    And I have this new found obsession with juicing every and all veggies big and small.

    So this morning I faced my fears and I juiced a bunch of carrots.
    Not only did I juice the shit out of those carrots but I made muffins with the pulp!
    And I have to admit something…
    I just drank carrot juice for the first time and yes I enjoyed it!
    I’m truly amazed at myself.
    I’m truly amazed how awake and pumped up I am.
    I feel like I could fight a bear right now!
    Or possibly wrestle a pill down my allergy prone cats throat.
Carrot Apple Ginger Juice

6 carrots
2 granny smith apples
1 quarter size chunk of ginger

Combine all in your juicer.