BBQ Turkey Burgers

“Have I mentioned that you are way better than me at bbqing? I think it’s because you don’t catch the chicken on fire” That was a random text I sent to my boyfriend this afternoon.IMG_1903.JPG

Carly and I had just returned form a spring time ten mile hike to Bluff Lake. It was such a gorgeous spring day in Big Bear Lake. Thunder heads were building in the distance as we hiked along the newish Skyline Trail that ascends towards the top of Skyline Drive and eventually, Bluff Lake to the west. We had a phenomenal day exploring some new forest trails. Carly got to swim in the creek a little and get teased by some ducks that may be a lot smarter than her.

We had so much fun and it was just gorgeous at over seven thousand feet today as we hiked ridgeline after ridge line.IMG_2304.JPG

We were starving after our adventure and I did prepare the dinner when I got home but I informed my boyfriend that he is in charge of bbqing, because well, I’m really good at burning things.

These are seriously the tastiest BBQ Turkey Burgers ever. The secret is pork, because obviously if you are going to eat something healthy like turkey you need to shove some pig into it, right?

BBQ turkey burgers
2 cups ground turkey
1/2 cup BBQ sauce
3 Italian sausage links
Colby jack cheese
Whole red leaf lettuce
I love this meme. One time I went to a dairy farm and tried to take a picture with a cow. That cow ruined the picture; it’s true, cows are awkward!


Squeeze the Italian sausage out of the casing. Mix with the BBQ sauce and the turkey to form patties. Grill and serve on your favorite bun or protein style in the red leaf lettuce with the cheese.


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  1. Kimberly Gauthier

    A 10 mile hike! That’s astounding. I’m just getting back into fitness and 2.5 miles is the distance I’ve managed and it’s not a hike. I bet our dogs would LOVE that hike. Thanks for inspiring me to look for locations near our home.

  2. Barbara Rivers

    Sounds like a mouthwatering treat for the humans after a lovely active day! I would love to be able to go hiking with my pups in your neck of the woods, pun intended…

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