Keto Friendly Lamb Burger Salad with Tzatziki and Mint Chutney

Mid-October. Fall blasted into our mountain town this early a.m. with an arctic chill as I pulled the mostly dead and dying tomato plants out of our once splendid garden. I tried to save the last few tomatoes but they were greenish and half frozen, oozing juice and probably left out in the mountain cold for two …

Roasted Garlic Cauliflower Mash

When I’m out hiking my favorite leaf covered trails those first few crisp and cool days of autumn I’m usually not fantasizing about cauliflower mash. I’m more than likely planning out what salad I will have for lunch when we get back home to Big Bear Lake. Okay, maybe as my feet pound out the …

The Hungry Mountaineer’s Anglo Indian Slightly Healthier So Cali Fruit Cake

Baking an Anglo Indian authentic fruitcake is a lot more complicated than whipping up a pan of American style brownies or baking a Food Network-ish cheesecake. Yet, have no fear all ye Holiday bakers! The Hungry Mountaineer has made the best slightly healthier and much easier Anglo Indian Fruit Cake!

All I got for Christmas was this damn Giardia

I’ve got my fingers crossed that Santa does not deliver a case of Giardia to The Hungry Mountaineer this holiday season after I had to do the ultimate wilderness culture no-no yesterday and drink from a crystal clear creek on my seven hour-long trek up San Gorgonio, the highest mountain peak in Southern California.