Ankle Pain Snake Ow

     I smell bad, real bad.

     I just ran fifteen miles and now I’m sitting at Urgent Care wondering if my ankle is broken.
     I smell so bad why would some one chose to sit right next to me?!
     I was running slash hiking in the mountains near my house this morning.
     Well technically I was running in the San Gorgonio Wilderness which sounds just way more tough than just saying ” the mountains”
     I had run over seven miles up very steep mountain trail and I had to turn around in order to make it to work on time.
     My plan was to hit the sauna at my gym for a few minutes after that, shower there than grab lunch real quick before my three p.m. shift.

     I was running down hill at a pretty good clip, I was making good time and I slowed down to a walk near Alger Creek. There was poison oak on both sides of the thin trail that jagged through the forest and as I made my way carefully through I lost my balance.
      I rolled my ankle hard and I felt a pop and felt something strain as I tried not to fall completely into the poison oak.
     After I regained my composure I just stood there for a minute, testing my injured ankle to see how bad it was.
     I had my hiking poles with me and as I began making my way out of the forest again I used them as crutches.
     I was three miles from the car and wondering if my ankle might be broke or if possibly I had pulled a tendon or ligament. My ankle hurt and it was already swelling up but it could be worse, at least I could walk at all!
    I was making my way very slowly down the mountain, maybe a mile past that when the tip of my pole hit a slithering creature.
    Yup, a rattlesnake.
    It makes no sense to me, it’s late October, it was thirty five degrees this morning when I got up, and there is snow on the ground, why is this guy not hibernating yet?
    I was so very thankful for the poles because they warned the snake way before my running shoes would have.
    Waving goodbye to the snake I kept going down the steep mountain trail knowing my car and Urgent Care in the city below the mountains,
had to be down there some where.

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