Angry Cats that Hate Me

   I’m currently freaking out a little bit.
   Just a little.
  At least I’m not covered in cobwebs, starving and shaking.
   That would be my mountain cat Zion. He’s had a rough couple of days. Recently he made a new dog friend. By friend I mean he became acquainted with a friends Husky, who he hates. Keep in mind, Zion is the ballsy cat. Sierra is the scardy cat and he seems to be doing just fine this morning.
   And than there is me.
   It’s cloudy.
   I love clouds.
   Clouds fucking hate me.
   When the baromic pressure drops my back seizes up and I am immobile. My back has hurt so bad the last two days, I could barely put my pants on this morning.
   Saturday night at work, I joked to my buddy “Storm coming in” because my back was a little sore. We joke that I’m an old lady; I can tell the weather by the pain in my hip.
      I’m also very gassy and have a lot of cats.
      When I woke up Sunday morning, it was cloudy and foggy. I love this weather, no matter how bad it makes me hurt. I  was ready to snow shoe my little heart out. My 10 K is next Saturday, in less than a week. I had not run, hiked or snow shoed in a week at that point after a little incident when I fell down a street in front of a grip of stopped motorists; embarrass one’s self much? That was on Valentine’s Day and my foot just stopped hurting today. Have I mentioned I am accident prone?
     My 10 K in Big Bear, my first 10 K I will ever do, and I hope the first of many, is next Saturday and I am freaking out that I have not run in a week now. I made myself go out with Alicia Sunday morning, yesterday.   I was a little sore in the whole butt area, where my sciatica pain tends to begin, but I figured I would power through. 
     It snowed days ago. It is so gorgeous outside, it has been all week. I’ve spent all winter complaining for the lack of snow, and now we have it and I have not even enjoyed it! So although I did not feel at my best, I went out with my friend to enjoy the outdoors yesterday.
    This area of the forest that we snow shoed in is right behind my house, and an easy run. I run it all the time. It should, at least be an easy warm up for me after a week off from working out. I even took my supplements, green tea and creatine this morning and I still felt horrible after just a mile. I could barely make it the three easy miles we did. One mile in I was drenched in sweat. Something was just not right with my body yesterday. By the time we turned around and made our way back through the snowy forest, my back was throbbing and I could not wait to go home and lay down. By the time I got home, I felt horrible. I don’t know if the snow shoeing helped or hurted me. I would think a nice walk would have loosened up my muscles, right?
   I came home, took some extra strength Tylenol and poured that smelly eucalyptus smelling Ben Gay-ish cream all over my back. Now I really smelled like an old lady. But I was on the improve…. and than I sneezed. Shit, agonizing pain all over again and I have been stuck in bed or on the couch ever since.
   Luckily for me, I have good friends who are always there for me when I need them. My friend and his super cute husky came over to take care of me. Which was awesome, but these cats are pissed. They are not liking this new dog friend and have permanently taken up residence on top of the kitchen cabinets and water heater.
     Zion has been on top of the kitchen cabinets for twelve hours. He must have to pee at this point and I would guess he is starving too. I’ve been trying to coax him down with treats to no avail. Of course I can’t move so by coax I mean sit on the couch and shake the bag of treats
   The sun just came out, so I crawled my way to the porch, left the door open and the poor little thing followed me out into the sun light. I think we both need some Vitamin D right now. He is a complete mess. Poor thing is shaking and his gorgeous long tabby coat is covered in cob webs.
    I feel just as shaken as my unnerved cat. I really wish I could have gone for a run this morning. Not only because I need to get a few days of training in, but it helps me unwind emotionally to just stretch my legs, listen to music, and enjoy the forest.
    Zion likes to unwind by watching the first robins of spring in my backyard.
    Oh the life of a cat.
    When they are not making new dog friends that is.
    My mom is going to be here soon to take me to the chiropractor, thank god. I can’t even drive myself. This pain makes it difficult to control a manual transmission. When my sciatica acts up, pushing in the clutch is super painful. I did just take a boiling hot shower, along with a few Tramanol. The combination is helping, although now I feel pretty loopy.
    Yeah, that’s right, I like to take pain killers and blog about my cats!
   Oh lord, I am that elderly crazy cat woman.
   The Tramanol just kicked in. I’m sitting on the porch in the sun blogging and finally, a little pain free, as long as I don’t move… at all.  Right now, after twenty four hours of intense pain, this sun shiny moment feels like heaven.

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